Choices, Choices…

Let’s pick up where we left off, shall we?

It has been a while, but we are ready to come back and (hopefully) create more interesting content for you guys. Here’s an easy yet super cute outfit Genta wore at The Broad Museum in DTLA during her visit!

We put her next to these super-sized¬†chairs as if she isn’t tiny enough already! ūüôā


Lots has gone on during the past few months – between the two of us, we’ve travelled, started home construction, had kids compete in (and win!) tennis tournaments, changed jobs, gotten into accidents involving toes and broken glass (ugh!), and developed a serious obsession with Game of Thrones (only 2 more episodes left this season, say it isn’t so!). The months seem to have passed in a flash, with little to no time to document everything.

But everything is a choice, isn’t it? I was talking with a friend over dinner last night, a stay-at-home mom of 2 boys.¬† She talked about how she constantly finds herself having to choose between things that she feels she has to do, things that she would like to do, and things that if she doesn’t do will nag her with guilt. This is such a common theme with women. I kept thinking of that line from Titanic where Rose’s mother says to her, “We’re women, our choices are never easy.” Does anyone else remember that line? It’s interesting that it’s delivered by a character we don’t like in the movie, because it is a fact that women don’t really like to hear. We like to think that we are free, that¬†we can forge our own path and pursue our ambitions, but it is never easy! For everything we do, we have to forgo something else that is probably just as important to us.

So I guess my point here is twofold. This blog is one of those choices for us – it’s an awesome creative outlet that we love, but unfortunately it gets pushed aside¬†in the constant re-prioritization of things that demand our attention. Secondly, at the risk of sounding supremely cheesy, let’s be kind to each other! Everyone has given up something to be where they are, and only they know that struggle. Let’s interact and communicate¬†from a point of understanding, rather than from a point of passing judgment.

Now that the mini therapy session is over, let’s shop the look! ūüôā

Light and Airy at Hampton Court


Self Portrait_Lanvin_8

This past weekend we spent our Saturday at the Hampton Court Palace, an absolutely beautiful historic landmark here in London. Since the weather held up fairly well, we decided to spend most of our time outside walking through and exploring the breath-taking gardens. It was such a serene and relaxing environment. I highly recommend adding it to your sight-seeing list if you are visiting London, or even if you live here!

This Self-Portrait dress was just perfect for the day. It has such a light, airy feel and was ideal for strolling through the meandering pathways.

Self Portrait_Lanvin_4

Self Portrait_Lanvin_5

I kept my accessories pretty simple, but opted to go with this statement Saint Laurent ring for contrast. You can find similar styles from the latest collection here and here. Saint Laurent never fails in creating stunning jewelry season after season.

IMG_0965 (2)

Self Portrait_Lanvin_1

We snapped these before I gave up on my platform sandals and changed to flats for the rest of the day! The nice thing is that this dress goes well with both!

Self Portrait_Lanvin_2

Self Portrait_Lanvin_7

Shop the links below for these and similar items.

DRESS: Self-Portrait (on sale!) | BAG: Lanvin, similar from the latest collection here | SHOES: Marni (oldies but goodies!) similar here and an alternative here | SUNNIES: Ray-Ban faves | RING: Saint Laurent, similar here and here

Thank you stopping by! Let us know some of your favorite destinations in London in the comments!