White and Navy

White Buttondown_Navy Pants_8

There are very few pieces that I love more than the classic white button-down shirt. There is something about the crisp, clean look of a button-down that elevates an outfit to another level. You cannot own this in enough styles, ladies. I default to it time and again, whether for a serious office look or for a casual daytime look.

For this outfit, I paired one of my favorite white button-down shirts with loose navy trousers for an office-to-drinks look.

White Buttondown_Navy Pants_1

White Buttondown_Navy Pants_3

I went with a blush-colored shoes and bag combination, which keeps the outfit somewhat muted but still adds a touch of soft elegance to the look. I have loved the blush trend this year and I’ll definitely be looking for ways to incorporate it into my fall wardrobe.

White Buttondown_Navy Pants_7

White Buttondown_Navy Pants_4

White Buttondown_Navy Pants_5

White Buttondown_Navy Pants_6

White Buttondown_Navy Pants_2

Outfit details:

TOP: Armani (see similar styles in the links below) | TROUSERS: Rag & Bone |

SHOES: Ann Taylor | BAG: Aldo (such a cute find!) | BELT: Ann Taylor (similar here and here)




In Theory…


Theory_Lagerfeld_Edelman_4 (1)

Sharing details today on this outfit that we posted on Instagram earlier this week. I love combining structured pieces, like this blazer vest, with more casual, relaxed pieces like these harem trousers. They play off of each other nicely and bring a balanced casualness to the overall look.

Theory_Lagerfeld_Edelman_2 (1)

When it comes to contemporary business casual style, Theory is one of my top go-to brands. Both the pants and the top here are by Theory. I have linked similar styles here and here for the top, and here and here for the pants. Also, these pants are part of the new fall collection and would work nicely in a similar outfit. My vest here is Karl Lagerfeld – this is the jacket version, and this is a similar version.


Of course, in the morning as I jetted off to work I put on my trusted J Crew flats and took on the madness of the London Underground (#LondonLife!). I changed into these Sam Edelman pumps for the workday.


Shop the links below for similar styles!



Work Week Oufit Inspiration

Monday Work Outfit Neutrals Casual

Tuesday Work Outfit Classic Corporate

Wednesday Work Outfit Pencil Skirt Corporate

Planning work week outfits today! Ladies, this is a must!! Do yourself the favor of picking and laying out your outfits the night before. Don’t be that girl who pulls an outfit together at 6am in the morning, with one eye open and one eye closed, and then finds herself wondering at around 10am, after a couple of cups of coffee, why she looks like she’s wearing pajamas and why she hasn’t thrown away those pants yet! Yes, that’s speaking from experience, sadly…

Here I’ve provided Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday suggestions. Thursday and Friday will follow! I am drawn to neutrals and black/white combos for work, especially during the winter. I may be inspired to incorporate brighter colors as spring and summer get closer, but for now, I’m limiting yellows and magentas to the highlighters on my desk!

Spotlight On…


This is the first installment of a “Spotlight on” series, in which we will focus on and break down the qualities of one stylish individual who inspires those around them by their distinctive sense of style.

This first spotlight is on Genta, one of the authors of G&E. I don’t quite know where to start in order to convey my love and admiration for this beautiful lady. When it comes to style inspiration, she is my first and foremost. Her love for style and fashion is contagious and her taste is impeccable. It is one thing to be trendy or to dress up once in a while and a completely different thing to exude style and elegance in any circumstance. This is G. Style is intrinsic to her character, it is effortless and natural.

She has a knack for picking out classic, timeless pieces but also edgier, fashion-forward pieces with lots of character. Shopping with her is an experience – clear your calendar for the rest of the day, put on some comfortable shoes and make sure that Starbucks is easily accessible. You are in for a ride. Whether shopping at Macy’s or at Neiman Marcus, she will spot the most unique pieces and create outfits that you would’ve never picked out for yourself, but somehow work beautifully. It takes a special person to do this – it takes passion, vision, and a true love for fashion. She has all these qualities in ample supply.

Besides all this, she is cute as a button. She is a proud mommy of two adorable little girls, who are quickly developing their own senses of style (but more on those two little munchkins in later posts…). Above all, what makes her beautiful is her strength, resilience and positivity… And for this I am proud to call her my auntie.