LA Travel Diary: Warm Weather Vibes


We started our LA getaway with a day in Manhattan Beach. It was late October, so we wanted to take advantage of the high temps and sunshine while we still could (although we later found out that there wouldn’t be a shortage of them!). It was a beautiful day to be at the beach. We relaxed on the sand, played some rounds of volleyball and chit-chatted while flipping through magazines.

When we took these photos, a strange midday fog descended over the water creating this ethereal background. It cleared out as quickly as it started, and we were back to clear skies and sunshine before we knew it.


img_2833-1We love visiting Manhattan Beach when we are in LA. It has a great combination of a relaxing oceanside environment, beautiful views, and a cute downtown area with little pubs and boutiques that have a very European feel.


img_2932-1 img_2939-1

Also, meet Brock, the cutest little pug that we miss so much since we left LA!! He is the most laid back little dude and just so lovable. He was not terribly amused by the sand, but he was a trooper. He found a cool shady spot under the tent and laid there, perking up his head whenever people walked by or when he would catch a glimpse of his box of treats.


A few days into our vacation, we took a drive up to Santa Barbara and stayed at a charming little cottage near downtown. In the morning it seemed slightly too chilly to lay by the oceanside, so we strolled down State Street, grabbed some coffee and did a little bit of shopping. The weather warmed up later in the afternoon, so we gave in and went for ice cream at McConnell’s and enjoyed the sunshine.  In the afternoon, we returned to the cottage and did a quick barbecue in the backyard, watching over the kids as they splashed around in the jacuzzi. After having way more food than we’d like to admit, we headed inside for games with the family until we fell asleep one by one.

img_3939-1  img_3976-2img_3978-1 img_3983-1

Are you heading somewhere warm soon? Here are some getaway essentials that we are loving right now:


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