Fall Thoughts, Summer Weather


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This weekend was a scorcher in Los Angeles. The sun was out in full force and the beach was calling our name! We would have been wise to heed the call, but alas, social commitments and weekend errands prevailed.

Ironically enough, in the middle of this 95-degree weather, I received the September issue of InStyle, which is always their big Fall intro. Now, I should say that I love Fall fashion. It is my absolute favorite season. Sadly, we never really get Fall weather in LA. Summer drags on well into October, and before we know it, it’s Christmas… So, I always browse the big September issue with a tiny bit of melancholy, trying to ignore the fact that those beautiful wool coats with the OTK boots are not really a practical choice for this LA girl!


Pencil Skirt_Jean Jacket_Button Down_2

So, I put Fall on hold for the time being, and I went back to my summer pastels for this little weekend outfit. I pulled out this eyelet skirt from Ann Taylor that had been hanging in my closet since earlier in the summer. I paired it with a white button-down shirt (all part of my Carolina Herrera complex…) and added a jean jacket for a more casual feel. I kept the shoes and accessories muted in soft grays.

Pencil Skirt_Jean Jacket_Button Down_3

Pencil Skirt_Jean Jacket_Button Down_4

Pencil Skirt_Jean Jacket_Button Down_5

Shop the links below for these and similar pieces!


Anyone else feeling anxious for Fall fashion yet?? Or are you all still in full summer mode?


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