Work Week Oufit Inspiration

Monday Work Outfit Neutrals Casual

Tuesday Work Outfit Classic Corporate

Wednesday Work Outfit Pencil Skirt Corporate

Planning work week outfits today! Ladies, this is a must!! Do yourself the favor of picking and laying out your outfits the night before. Don’t be that girl who pulls an outfit together at 6am in the morning, with one eye open and one eye closed, and then finds herself wondering at around 10am, after a couple of cups of coffee, why she looks like she’s wearing pajamas and why she hasn’t thrown away those pants yet! Yes, that’s speaking from experience, sadly…

Here I’ve provided Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday suggestions. Thursday and Friday will follow! I am drawn to neutrals and black/white combos for work, especially during the winter. I may be inspired to incorporate brighter colors as spring and summer get closer, but for now, I’m limiting yellows and magentas to the highlighters on my desk!

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