Travel Day

Travel Outfit Booties Jeans Accessories

Who doesn’t love the prospect of traveling? There’s something about the excitement of heading off to a new place and the promise of new adventures and discoveries.

On a travel day, you want to strike the right balance between comfy and chic. Pack those 6-inch stilettos in your check-in baggage, and opt for a pair of flat boots. Loving these Phillip Lim booties, for example. They are perfect for traveling, but can also come in handy for walking and sightseeing once you a arrive at your fabulous destination. You cannot go wrong with a pair of casual jeans and a cozy sweater – lots of comfy and loads of chic. And of course, it tends to get cold at 30,000 ft. so keep your jacket and scarf at hand. I never forget to bring along my favorite magazines on a flight. With no wifi, it’s the perfect excuse for some good, old page-turning.

MuuBaa black biker jacket

Current/Elliott torn skinny jeans
$380 –

David Yurman pave jewelry

Givenchy silvertone jewelry
$1,195 –

Black scarve

Forever 21 woolen hat

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  1. Reblogged this on Stitch Madness and commented:
    I love this outfit because it is both stylish yet comfortable and functional. Though you do have to be careful on the shirts and jackets you wear. Though, there is a scarf so you may not need to zip it up but, if you do zip up your jacket your going to have problems. The reason I say this is because the jacket looks body fitting (meaning it will be close to skin on fabric) and the sweater looks loose (comfort reasons). So if you end up zipping the jacket up, you will have to task your shirt downwards which will cause the loosens of the shirt to be scrunched up at the bottom. Overall it still is a great outfit.

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